Join Master Di on a transformative journey of self-discovery and martial arts mastery. Learn the ancient Chinese martial arts of Xingyi and Bagua and unleash the power within.

Morning Class | 每日晨课 From 7:00 AM every day at Springfield Park, Box Hill North, Melbourne
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Our Work|形意与八卦

Xingyi Basics|形意拳

Learn the fundamental techniques and principles of Xingyi with Master Di. Develop a strong foundation for your martial arts journey.

Bagua Zhang Practice|八卦掌

Bagua is a martial art based on the Yijing (Book of Changes) philosophy. It uses circle walking as a training method and is predominantly palm based.

Xingyi Weapons|形意器械

Discover the art of Xingyi weapons with Master Di. Learn how to use the spear, staff, sword, and other traditional weapons in this martial art.

Xingyi Forms|形意五行拳 十二形

Master the Xingyi forms with Master Di. Develop your technique and flow through the five elemental fists and twelve animal forms.

Bagua is well known for its array of unusual weapons. Large sabre, deer horn knives, rooster claw knives, and seven-star staff to name a few.

Bagua Weapons|八卦器械

About Master Di

Master Di Guoyong is a renowned master of traditional Chinese Wushu who specialises in Xingyi Quan, Bagua Zhang and Chuojiao Fanzi Quan. He was born in 1948 in Hebei Province, China, and started learning Shaolin Wushu and Xingyi Quan from Master Zhao Zhong in 1963. He later became a disciple of Master Wu Binlou 吴斌楼 and Master Li Ziming 李子鸣, learning Chuojiao Fanzi Quan 戳脚翻子 and Bagua Zhang, respectively. He is a certified First Grade International Wushu Judge, a 4th generation Bagua Zhang successor, a 7th dan holder by the Chinese Wushu Association, and the honorary President of the Beijing Xingyiquan Association. He has taught Wushu in many institutions in China and abroad, including the Beijing Sports University and the Cameroon. He has also organized and participated in various Wushu events, such as the First All-China Xingyiquan Championships in 1990. He has published several books and DVDs on Xingyi Quan and Bagua Zhang, and has been featured in documentaries and TV shows. He is passionate about spreading and sharing Wushu with people who love and respect the art.

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Here's what Master Di's students say

Master Di is a generous teacher with an effective system of teaching. He tailors the learning based on individual students’ needs and challenges. We are lucky to have such a high calibre teacher of traditional Chinese martial arts in Australia.

- Gary Liu

Di Guoyong teaches traditional Chinese Martial Arts in a modern way. He respects his students and customises his teaching to cater to each student strength, weakness and interests to develop them to their best of their ability irrespective of age and fitness level. I started learning BGZ with Master Di when I was in a full leg brace due to a partially torn left knee quadriceps and my speedy recovery was due to his assistance and how he helped me with my BGZ training. He is a patient, practical and insightful Martial Art teacher.”

- Wil

Master Di provides a direct lineage to traditional Chinese martial arts. His teachings are combat focused, with an emphasis on practicality and modern applicability. This is a rare opportunity to train with one of the genuine and true living legends of the ancient fighting arts.”

- Liu Xiang

Master Di is a brilliant and kind teacher, an expert in his field who teaches with great compassion, patience and detail.

- Dean Eddy